Capsized catamaran sparks river rescue

AN overturned boat in the River Tyne sparked a major rescue after people were spotted in the water.

Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade were called out at 3.20pm on February 1 after reports of a rigid inflatable boat near a capsized catamaran, with a number of people in the water.

As TVLB members arrived at the scene, they saw some of the people had been recovered and brought ashore near Tynemouth RNLI station.

Some casualties were taken to hospital in cars while one crewmember was checked over by lifeboatmen in the station.

TVLB members ensured that all casualties had been accounted for, which they were, and kept a safe watch over the boat as it returned out to sea – escorted by the Port of Tyne pilot cutter ‘Collingwood’ and HMS Explorer – to recover the catamaran.

Once the boat had returned to the safety of the river, all crews stood down.