‘Carefree approach’ by these councillors surely unjustified

IT is clear from the report ‘Council may face big bill’ (News Guardian, August 18) that Labour councillors on North Tyneside Council have learnt nothing during their period in opposition, and are still in denial about the enormous deficit in public sector spending left behind by the last government.

When Labour councillors lost control of North Tyneside Council back in 2009, the final budget ended up being £17m overspent and they had used £23m of the council’s reserves in just two years to help cover the financial shortfall.

Theirs was truly a policy of ‘spend, spend, spend’ of our hard earned council tax payments.

It has taken two years of hard work to turn around the council’s finances.

However, after the council elections last May when the Labour Party gained council seats across the borough, Labour councillors now have the majority on North Tyneside Council.

As reported in the News Guardian, at the last council meeting Labour councillors used their majority to ensure that we, as council tax payers, are liable to pay for the £166,000 deficit in the Wallsend People’s Centre pension fund.

At a time when the council’s own employees are working hard to reduce costs by improving efficiency and everybody is having to be careful with their spending, this carefree approach is surely unjustified.


Whitley Bay