Cats lucky to be alive after dumped in suitcase on the hottest day of the year

Two cats are lucky to be alive after being dumped in a suitcase on the hottest day of the year.

Thursday, 28th June 2018, 9:43 am
Updated Friday, 29th June 2018, 3:06 pm
Two cats are recovering after being found dumped in a suitcase in Wallsend on the hottest day of the year.

Two children had spotted the suitcase moving around in an alleyway near Charlotte Street, Wallsend, on Monday at around 4pm when they called the RSPCA.

Now the animal welfare charity is appealing for information after the male cats were zipped up in the suitcase in 27 degree heat.

RSPCA inspector Helen Bestwick, who is investigating, said: “Luckily, both the cats are fine which is surprising considering they were dumped inside a zipped up suitcase in this heatwave.

“The kids who found them spotted the suitcase moving and unzipped it. The cats jumped out but another member of the public was able to confine them in their yard.

“They were fine to be handled, just a little frightened and both were in reasonable condition and fairly healthy.

“There was a receipt inside the suitcase but sadly this hasn’t led to any further leads so we are appealing for anyone who may have seen something, or who recognises these cats to contact the RSPCA inspectorate appeal line, in strictest confidence, on 0300 123 8018.”

The two male cats, one ginger and white and one black, were checked over by a vet.

Unfortunately, they are not microchipped and both of them are unneutered. They will now be cared for at RSPCA Felledge Animal Centre.

Inspector Bestwick added: “Abandoning an animal like this at a time when temperatures have soared is very cruel and the two cats are lucky to be alive.

“There is never an excuse to abandon an animal in this way as there are options available to people who feel they can no longer cope or cannot care for their pets any longer.”

Last year, there were more than 22,000 calls made to the RSPCA about abandoned cats.

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