Celebrating kindness of festive volunteers

Mayor Norma Redfearn with residents at the celebration event.
Mayor Norma Redfearn with residents at the celebration event.

Community-spirited residents who took part in a Make Christmas Special campaign have been acknowledged at a celebration event.

The campaign was set up by North Tyneside Council’s care and connect team after a number of people said they were going to spend Christmas Day on their own.

The council joined forces with its partners, voluntary sector organisations, businesses and local churches to launch the campaign.

Residents donated Christmas gifts, food for hampers, gift wrap and table decorations. Volunteers prepared and served dinner in a community venue, joined in with others on Christmas Day, transported people to and from gatherings and helped to identify people who may have been going to spend Christmas alone.

A celebration event thanked those who took part.

Mayor Norma Redfearn said: “This is a fantastic example of the community spirit we have here and we felt it was important to acknowledge the people who made it happen.”

“The ‘Making Christmas Special’ campaign was a community effort and it made a real different to people’s lives.

“It’s something we hope will continue and we’re already making plans for the next stage of the campaign which will aim to make Easter time a special occasion for everyone.” For further information on the campaign, or to get involved in the upcoming ‘Make Easter Special’ campaign contact Care and Connect on (0191) 643 7474 or email care&connect@northtyneside.gov.uk