Celebrating our life's journey

There are a huge number of things available with which to celebrate a birthday party.

Sunday, 22nd May 2016, 1:00 pm

There are food, colours, noisy things, things that light up and lots of other ideas.

One thing about birthdays, however, is that those planning for such a day will treat the birthday boy or girl as a very special individual person.

If the Christian church could be said to have a birthday it would be the day that we call Pentecost or Whit Sunday.

It’s the day that lots of people of different languages, from different places, all believed they had seen God’s Holy Spirit come to be here on earth with us.

Jesus, as the story goes, might have gone back to heaven after the exciting events of Easter, but nobody was going to be lonely.

God’s Spirit would help them.

We must remember, however, that just as each person has their only special birthday, each person will also have their own experience of God.

We are all one-off originals, not factory made copies.

At this time of year we celebrate the potential we see in each other and the life journey we are on together.