CEMETERY: Dogs may be the only companions

I am writing in response to the letter by Pauline McNestie (News Guardian, August 6).

I am astounded and deeply saddened by this person’s lack of compassion over dogs being allowed in Whitely Bay cemetery.

Most people go to the cemetery for comfort to visit their loved ones who have departed, some of whom are very lonely and only have their dog as their companion.

I, myself, have lost my husband, my daughter and my parents, and my dog helps me through the pain I suffer.

I am 75-years-old and visit my family’s grave very often.

I see and talk to people of all ages who have their dogs with them for companionship, some who have only their dog for company, and I have never encountered any of their dogs misbehaving or fouling where they shouldn’t.

I think we are very lucky in Whitley Bay to have a wonderful, well-kept cemetery and very pleasant staff.

I do hope this person reads my letter and thinks twice about the comments made.

Brenda Lavelle

Address supplied