Centre gearing up for seasonal biking

Dave Buchan, Dr Bike Mechanic, working on a staff bike.
Dave Buchan, Dr Bike Mechanic, working on a staff bike.

Cyclists have been getting into a spin preparing for autumn and winter on their bikes.

Cobalt Business Park and Sustrans held a special ‘Big Chill Cobalt Cycle Hub’ at Cobalt Centre to help staff on the park maintain their cycling buzz as the weather gets colder.

As well as all the usual the hub services – which include route planning, biker breakfast, advice and bike servicing – a special pop-up restaurant, Anticucho, brought a taste of Peru with Peruvian street food.

Sustrans has been working with staff and businesses at Cobalt since 2010 promoting the health and financial benefits of cycling to and from work.

Laurence Bonner, project co-ordinator at Sustrans, said: “The hub project at Cobalt was the first of it’s kind in the north east and my pet project, I am thrilled it’s gone down so well.

“We will be continuing to run the hubs throughout the year ahead.”

Amy Carroll, events and communications manager at Cobalt, said: “The staff here have shown incredible enthusiasm and there is a great buzz around the Cycle hub as everyone is getting involved.

“The good news is that staff are getting fitter, making new friends, saving money and reducing pollution levels.

“We feel passionately about the health and wellbeing of our staff and really believe that cycling can transform physical and mental health, social life, and importantly finances for those commuting to work by bike.”