Chance on offer to help tidy up Tynemouth Long Sands

Tynemouth Long Sands.
Tynemouth Long Sands.

The Marine Conservation Society is appealing for volunteers to help tidy up North Tyneside’s seaside.

Its annual Great British Beach Clean is taking place from Friday, September 18, to the Sunday after, and an event is being held at Tynemouth Long Sands on the Sunday, starting at 11am.

A clean-up lined up for St Mary’s Island, near Whitley Bay, on the Saturday has been cancelled, but another will be held there on Sunday, October 18.

Those taking part will not only spruce up hundreds of beaches nationwide but also record their litter finds as part of a global study.

“Taking part in the Great British Beach Clean really can make a difference,” said society official Charlotte Coombes.

Go to or ring 01989 566017 for further details.

In 2014, tiny bits of plastic were the most often- found litter items on UK beaches.

A 6.4 per cent year-on-year rise in beach litter was recorded, with wet wipes seeing the biggest increase, at almost 50 per cent.

Charlotte added: “Last year’s Great British Beach Clean attracted almost 5,500 volunteers to over 300 beaches.

“It’s a citizen science project that has become the most respected and long-standing beach litter survey in the UK.

“ In previous years when we’ve highlighted increases in dog poo bags and sewage-related debris found on beaches, we have seen drops in numbers subsequently.

“We hope we’ll see fewer wet wipes in 2015 following our mini-campaign showing why these material squares should go in the bin not the loo.

“Beach litter is a serious environmental problem, but the solution is in our hands. The first step is to register as a volunteer.

“We want the Great British Beach Clean weekend to offer a snapshot of what the future could look like for the British seaside by reducing the amount of litter that reaches our shores.”