Charge is the start of a stealth tax

I READ with interest the letters you published concerning the garden bins.

My information is that 84 per cent of homes in the North Tyneside area have a garden.

Are the council saying they are going to take notice of 16 per cent of the electorate compared to 84 per cent, I do not think so. This £20 charge is just the start of a stealth tax. In my opinion it could rise above that in the following years.

Like lots of other people I do not go swimming, to the gym or pay frequent visits to art galleries. So why should I be forced to pay for commodities that I do not use? Know doubt the person who had this “brilliant” idea has been well rewarded.

According to the council 9,000 tonnes of garden rubbish was collected in this area last year, they are expecting more to follow, not if residents fail to use their bins.

However, I feel a good piece of investigative journalism is required to find and name the person or persons concerned.

Just so we know who to vote for when the elections come around.


Fern Avenue

North Shields