Charity bags are now rubbish bags

Since when have charities become ‘selective’ in what they collect?

I get a minimum of two charity bags each week asking for donations.

I always make sure that I read the bag as not all of them take bric a brac, books etc and just want clothing.

This morning they took the filled bag and the box of china but left a wrapped small padded pouffee/storage box.

Had they checked they would have found not only was the item in immaculate condition but inside were several items of brand new clothing with the tags still attached.

The same thing happened two weeks ago when in addition to a bag of clothing I put a black bag containing some expensive Christmas decorations out, but clearly marked for the charity.

This was also left by the collectors and ended up being thrown in the bin, as by the time I had got home from work it has been soaked by the rain.

I know I am not alone with this happening, so maybe the charities need to have a word with their collectors.

From now on, instead of filling the numerous bags that come through my door with quality items, I shall be filling them with my rubbish and using them as bin bags.

Preston Grange resident

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