Charity helps Joe to improve his education

Brought to you by the News Guardian.
Brought to you by the News Guardian.

A charity has helped put a smile on a youngster’s face after providing equipment to help with his schooling.

Joe Fitzpatrick was born with Reticular Dysgenesis, a rare form of Severe Combined Immune Deficiency, and needed a bone marrow transplant at seven-weeks-old.

The condition means he is profoundly deaf and had a cochlear impact at the age of five.

The 12-year-old gets a 20 hour one-to-one support at Wallsend’s Beacon Hill School.

Joe also suffered from delayed development and has difficulty processing information or building and maintaining friendships.

His mother Catherine Rawes applied to Smile For Life Children’s Charity for a laptop to help with his homework, and his family were delighted when they received one before Christmas.

Catherine said: “It will be the best Christmas present ever. He is so interested in learning and now he will be able to do his homework, access websites and aid his learning and development.”

Rebecca Berry, teacher at Beacon Hill School, said: “Joe would benefit from IT equipment to help access the National Curriculum, as well as learning new vocabulary and concepts.”