Check to see if you can appeal your ticket

I was sad to read the letter from A Cameron, ‘No wonder some businesses fail’, (News Guardian, August 7) following a visit to Whitley Bay.

Just over a week ago we too had visited a local seafront restaurant and we were joined by our son, who is not a Whitley Bay resident.

We spent about two hours together, had a lovely meal and a great evening.

That was until he returned to his car which was parked in the side street off Brook Street and saw that he, along with about four or five other cars, had a penalty charge notice (PCN) fixed to his windscreen.

Well the civil enforcement officer (CEO) certainly had a field day and left me wondering if they are on performance related pay.

My son remembered that this strip of road used to be parking for the now derelict Avenue Pub, and having not seen any parking restriction notices, other than those in the back lane at the rear of Brook Street where he had just driven down, and no marked parking bays, decided to park.

Like A Cameron, the fine is paid but it leaves a bitter taste.

I did some research and believe he had a number of points on which he could appeal against this PCN.

If you are unlucky enough to receive a PCN do some quick research and you may well have good grounds for appeal, I gleaned a lot of information online about appealing against PCNs.

Check if the contravention code on the PCN is correct, check that the location shown on the PCN is correct – the location stated on my son’s PCN was ‘rear’ of Brook Street (incorrect) and check signage, or lack of signage in the area you park.

You may just win your appeal, even if only on a technicality.

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