Children learn about accident prevention

Pupils take part in the 'Crucial Crews' education programme at Tynemouth Community Fire Station. Picture by John Tuttiett.
Pupils take part in the 'Crucial Crews' education programme at Tynemouth Community Fire Station. Picture by John Tuttiett.

Youngsters have taken part in an education programme with a difference.

More than 800 Year 6 pupils have been visiting Tynemouth Community Fire Station this week for the annual ‘Crucial Crew’ scheme, which aims to reduce accidental injuries and deaths in fires.

The ten and 11-year-olds also learned about the hazards they face in everyday life and what to do if an accident occurs.

Seven different ‘real-life’ scenarios highlighted potential dangers while the Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service promoted bonfire and firework safety and discussed burns and scalds in an interactive and fun scenario.

Street pastors discussed with the children how anti-social behaviour impacts on their community and the benefits of having an ‘ICE’ contact in their mobile phone.

Other workshops were delivered by the public health school nurses, Nexus, Northern Power Grid and the RNLI.

The week-long event has been organised by the North Tyneside Child Accident Prevention (CAP) Strategy Group.

Graeme Hurst, district manager for North Tyneside at Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service, said: “Sadly accidents are one of the biggest causes of fatalities amongst children and, by their very nature, can be prevented.

“We can’t wrap children up in cotton wool, so it’s important they learn how to stay safe.

“By working with our partners we are able to highlight the various dangers, including fire, and promote ways of how they can stay safe.”

“We know young people want to have fun, so this event is all about showing them how they can stay safe whilst having fun.

“This is especially important in the run up to bonfire night, one of the busiest times of year for emergency services.

“We would encourage everyone to attend an organised display to ensure they have a safe and enjoyable bonfire night.”

Mayor Norma Redfearn said: “It’s vital that children learn from a very early age the importance of staying safe, especially in the lead up to Bonfire Night.

“Crucial Crew is a great and fun way for them to understand important safety messages and what to do if they are involved in an emergency.

“I’d particularly like to thank all the different agencies, who represent a wealth of knowledge and experience, for making this such an interesting and exciting event for everyone involved.”

Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Authority member, Coun Carole Burdis, said: “Crucial Crew has been running for a number of years now and is always a success with the children. By working in partnership we are helping to make North Tyneside a safer place for children.”