Children take the pledge to grow up green

Hundreds of young eco enthusiasts have made a promise to reduce, reuse and recycle waste, as interactive roadshows come to schools in the borough.

The roadshows are part of a new campaign called Changing Our Thinking, launched by North Tyneside Council in January, aiming to improve recycling rates and reduce food waste.

The North Tyneside Recycling Roadshow visiting Langley First School. GM038245

The North Tyneside Recycling Roadshow visiting Langley First School. GM038245

So far hundreds of children from first and primary schools across the borough have made up the audiences for the lively, interactive and educational assemblies.

North Tyneside Council’s head of environment and leisure, Phil Scott, said: “Recycling is second nature to many of our residents, however if we’re going to significantly increase the borough’s rates and reduce food waste, we need everyone to think carefully about the things they throw away.

“It’s also vital our next generation of householders understand why it’s important to reduce, reuse and recycle as much waste as we can, so it’s great the assemblies have been so well received, as have roadshows we have been running with the public.”

Last week it was the turn of Langley First School in Monkseaton, where the four to ten-year-olds made a pledge to wash, squash and recycle waste, and in return the school was entered into a prize draw with a £300 prize up for grabs.

Testing their knowledge of what items can be recycled, children flashed ‘yes’ and ‘no’ cards as different materials, such as cans, cartons, textiles, crisp packets and yoghurt pots, were held up.

The assembly also helped the children to think about reducing the food they throw away and they were taught how to turn some lunch box leftovers into delicious dishes.

As well as school assemblies, roadshows have been visiting the town centres, community centres and supermarkets across the borough, and will continue to over the rest of the year.

Funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government’s (DCLG) Weekly Collection Support Scheme, the roadshows provide rewards and incentives to encourage residents to recycle, as well as providing advice and information to them about how they can reduce the waste they produce.

During the roadshows, residents have been encouraged to pledge to wash, squash and recycle their plastic bottles and in turn will be invited to guess how many bottles are in a 240 litre recycling bin.

Spot prizes will be up for grabs on a weekly and monthly basis for householders fulfilling their pledge. Annually, a grand prize will be awarded to the North Tyneside resident who guesses the correct number of bottles in the recycling bin.

The campaign is being delivered by North Tyneside Council in partnership with Groundwork North East, an environmental regeneration charity.

Visit or call 0345 2000 101 for more information.