Chip shop wins bid to sell booze

Palmersville Chippy exterior shot.
Palmersville Chippy exterior shot.

A CHIP shop has been given the go-ahead to sell booze despite objections from neighbours.

Palmersville Chippy will now be allowed to stock beer, wine and spirits for sale to customers buying food between 11am and 11pm daily.

Palmersville Chippy exterior shot.

Palmersville Chippy exterior shot.

The Osborne Place chippy was granted permission to sell alcohol by North Tyneside Council’s licensing committee last week, but only on condition that its staff ask customers for proof of age if they appear to be under 25.

Other conditions imposed on the shop include handing over CCTV footage to the police or council on request, and keeping a record of customers told they can’t buy booze.

The licence will not take effect until a new designated premises supervisor is named, the meeting heard.

All alcohol will be kept behind the counter and will not be sold on a self-service basis, councillors were told.

Applicant Jagdeep Kler, of Redhouse Farm in Whitley Bay, told the meeting that Palmersville Chippy, a family-run business, had been going for 14 years and selling alcohol would help ensure it can remain viable.

Objectors questioned the need for another licensed premises in the neighbourhood, given that there is already an off-licence in the same street, as well as other stores selling wine and beer nearby.

Householders living nearby also raised concerns about the potential disorder and increase in litter they fear that the chippy selling booze could cause, saying they already had to contend with men and women urinating in their back lane and engaging in anti-social behaviour.

“We have put up with a lot of noise and abuse from customers of the chippy. If alcohol is sold, the situation will only get worse,” said one objector in a letter to the committee.