Choice is dice with heavy traffic or break the law

IN common with other recent correspondents, it was with dismay that I saw that new parking spaces had been created along the Marden Bridge road from Whitley Bay.

As a long term cyclist I have had bad experiences with traffic when trying to use this bit of road, and have on occasions felt the only way to avoid being directly threatened by heavy traffic was to resort to the verge or pathway, dismounting in the presence of pedestrians.

Has anyone seen how narrow the carriageway is now the verge has been used for more car parking?

So cyclists have a stark choice – stick to the road and dice with deathly heavy buses, lorries, cars and car doors, or break the law and risk a fine by cycling on the pavement.

I wonder which option the traffic planners are recommending.

Whitley Bay is plagued by traffic in its centre.

Would it not be of benefit to the community to have traffic free zones and proper cycle access, helping to give less pollution, congestion and carbon emissions and more health giving exercise?


Whitley Bay