Church doubles its money twice over for African water project

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PARISHIONERS at a Monkseaton church have turned £5,000 they raised for a water project in Africa into £20,000 by joining forces with Christian Aid.

St Mary’s Church amassed the cash in just nine months.

Jo Porter, a member of the congregation at the Ilfracombe Gardens church, said: “The wonderful things about a Christian Aid project are that it’s approved and ready to go.

“The money goes direct to trusted local agencies, and we get good feedback about progress.

“As if that wasn’t enough, we know that its projects have already been approved by the European Union’s development fund, and it will give £3 for every £1 we raise, so in effect, by raising £5,000, we have ensured that £20,000 goes towards ensuring a reliable supply of clean, safe water to small communities in Sierra Leone.”