Church opens coffee shop for community

Revd Ann McGivern at St Peter's Church's coffee shop.
Revd Ann McGivern at St Peter's Church's coffee shop.

A North Shields church has opened its own not-for-profit coffee shop.

St Peter’s Church, on Central Avenue, developed the idea for the Wednesday afternoon Coffee and Cream café as part of its plans to open the church during the week for the local community.

Coffee and Cream offers cappuccinos, lattes, filter coffee, hot chocolate and tea alongside homemade cakes, bakes and other goodies.

Rev Ann McGivern said: “The cold dark days of winter can be isolating and depressing – treating oneself to a coffee and cake out is a real boon.”

It has taken over a year for the furniture to be designed and made by a member of the congregation, coffee and cream crockery to be sourced, tablecloths made, staff to be trained and a working plan formed.

Coffee and Cream is now providing a warm and welcoming environment in Balkwell for families and a place to meet old friends and make new ones.

It is open each Wednesday from 1pm to 3.15pm.

Entry is through the church or via the accessibility route through the Hall door.