Church’s film energy system is now online

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A NORTH Tyneside church features in a professionally produced film showcasing the installation of a new renewable energy system.

St Alban’s Church in Earsdon commissioned the film to tell the story of its project which involves a biomass boiler supplying heat to the church and adjacent Edward Eccles Hall.

The film has been made available to churches and community groups online in the hope that others will follow St Alban’s example.

The vicar, the Reverend Andrew France, said: “We are delighted that our film will have a wider exposure now that it is on the internet.

“It was produced to raise awareness of what can be done by churches to cut their carbon footprint.

“We hope our short film will be a source of inspiration to those churches which are considering going down the renewables route.”

The film was made by Arpeggio Films of Newcastle and can be seen at