Church to join in celebration of St George’s Day

Christ Church, in North Shields.
Christ Church, in North Shields.

A North Shields church is preparing to ring out to mark St George’s Day.

The bells of Christ Church, in Preston Road, will peal out at 6pm on Thursday, April 23, together with bells in cathedrals, churches, chapels and municipal buildings throughout England.

A campaign was started in 2010 to promote the celebration of St George, England’s Patron Saint, on April 23.

Bell ringing was chosen as it is the quintessence of a form of Englishness. It celebrates a unique musical genre – Change Ringing, which was described by Handel as ‘The sound of England’.

They are rung by volunteers nationwide who represent the heart of communities.

‘Ringing for England’ is the umbrella under which anyone, of any nationality, or any denomination, can find comfort in celebrating St George’s Day and be it ringing out from a humble village parish church to the magnificence of our cities’ cathedrals we can all be united on the day.

Ringers at Christ Church, North Shields, have supported the event since 2010.