Cigaratte packet vote is welcomed

Lisa Surtees, acting director of Fresh.
Lisa Surtees, acting director of Fresh.

Health chiefs in the borough have welcomed government steps to remove glossy cigarette packets from shelves.

MPs are being given the chance to vote before the general election on plain, standardised packaging for all tobacco and cigarettes.

And officials at health campaign group Fresh have welcomed the news as they hope it will stop more children from smoking and cut the number of adults who do.

Lisa Surtees, acting director of Fresh, said: “Young people deserve protection from tobacco marketing.

“There is such strong evidence that standardised packs would help make cigarette packs less attractive.

“We showed young people examples of standardised packs and they thought they were much less tempting and less glamorous.

“It is not surprising when some packs currently on shelves look like make-up, perfume and Lego, and are covered in shiny holograms.”

“No parent wants their child to smoke and there has been tremendous support for this from north east MPs.

“We are urging our MPs to do something amazing and once again vote in favour of this important measure.”

An amendment to the Children and Families Bill to enable standardised packaging was passed overwhelmingly in both the House of Lords in January 2014 and by MPs in the House of Commons in February 2014.