Clarifying what council is doing at Wellfield

There have been a number of letters recently regarding the new traffic signals at West Park housing development at Earsdon Road, Wellfield.

I thought it might be of use to your readers if I explain one or two issues and what the council is doing.

It is important to note this particular development was initially refused planning permission by North Tyneside Council. Planning permission was granted at appeal.

In relation to the traffic signals, the council had sought to ensure that the signals would only be in use once the development was at least 30 per cent occupied.

However, the planning inspector imposed a condition that these must be in place and operational before the first home was occupied.

We have therefore been doing our best to make the best of this situation.

Our traffic and road safety and traffic development teams have worked with the Regional Traffic Unit (who designed and installed the signals) to change the configuration of the signals, shortening the wait for traffic on Earsdon Road. I am pleased to say this does appear to have had a beneficial effect.

Other measures to improve the situation are also being explored.

For example, we are looking to introduce a left turn filter for vehicles exiting Wellfield estate that will run at the same time as when vehicles are turning right into the estate which should speed things up.

In addition, works are due to take place at the Red Lion roundabout to allow two lane movements between Earsdon Road and the Shiremoor Bypass, which should also further reduce overall delays.

I do hope your readers find this information of use and may I thank you for giving me the opportunity to provide the update.

Phil Scott

Head of Environment and


North Tyneside Council