CLEANING: Concerned about cuts

I would like to thank Samantha Dand, environmental services, for her offer for me to get in touch so that she could give a more detailed explanation of operations relating to street cleaning, (News Guardian, January 19).

Sunday, 19th February 2017, 06:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 28th February 2017, 11:20 am

Unfortunately, I will decline this offer as it would probably mean that the two employees could be identified and I have no wish to cause any problems to either individual.

I would clarify that it was not a ‘passing glance’ or raining on the six occasions I observed two workers sitting inside the street sweeping vehicle whilst it was driven up and down.

It was only after my letter was printed that I noticed one person in the vehicle and the other worker walking along the street with a black bag and grab stick to collect rubbish.

I wrote my initial letter to highlight that year on year budget cuts make it more difficult to provide services with limited resources.

I very much appreciate the work that is done to try to keep streets clean. However, I remember there was a lovely chap who worked for the council and he used to walk along streets on his own with a barrow and brush, clearing and cleaning as he went along.

Name and address supplied