Club aiming to help disabled youngsters

A NEW club is being set up in North Tyneside to help disabled youngsters make new friends and keep active.

David Gilboy has created the new facility after seeing how much new surroundings and making new friends helped his son.

And he is keen to help families who are in a similar situation.

The new club will meet in the Balkwell Community Welfare Association, in Heaton Terrace, North Shields, once a month for an initial period, and could meet more regularly in the future depending on its success.

The first session will take place on Wednesday, August 31, from 7pm to 9pm.

On offer will be giant garden games, table tennis, games console and games, sensory lights and sound, and more.

David said: “It’s a new club for young disabled people and their carers.

“There is no care provided, it’s just about the social aspect and making friends.

“We’re hoping to have it one Wednesday a month. “If it’s successful, it could he held more than once a month.

“It’s all free, and there will be refreshments and biscuits.”

He added: “My son, who is coming up to 20, is disabled.

“He has finished school and college and goes to various places like this to make new friends.

“We thought this club would be something good to do as my son likes these kind of centres.

“He likes sound and music, and rather than have something that’s just structured, this is just for families and carers to come along and have fun.

“The equipment is what I had for my son.”