Club looking to form group for supporters

Talks are taking place over creating a supporters club for a local football team.

North Shields Football Club are looking to create an independent North Shields FC Supporters Club.

Commercial manager Mark Scott will chair the meeting to gauge support for those willing to join the supports club and take nominations for the roles of chairman, treasurer and events manager.

The club used to have a thriving official supporters club but since the re-formation of the club in 1992 no supporters club has been formed, official or not.

Mark said: “It’s been well documented that the support has increased four-fold within five years and the football club are keen to keep the momentum going by actively encouraging the formation of an independent supporters club.

“We took 500 supporters to Whitley Bay at the beginning of December and 300 went to Newcastle Benfield two days after Christmas so we know a supporters club helping with transport to the more difficult locations will be beneficial to the supporters.”

The meeting will take place at the Spring Gardens public house, Spence Terrace, North Shields, on Saturday, January 17, at 1.30pm.

If the outcome of the meeting has been a success a meeting will be held the following week to vote individuals into those key roles and to formally create the Supporters Club.

North Shields Football Club are keen to stress this will be a totally unofficial supporters club although there is a possibility that there will be a future line of communication between the chair of the Supporters Club and the committee running North Shields FC.

Anyone with any queries can contact commercial manager Mark Scott on email