Club makes £20k award

A BOROUGH club has donated £20,000 to the Children’s Cancer Fund.

The Rotary Club of Monkseaton Centenary has continued its charitable gifts under its Cancer Care Project with the cash award to the fund based at The Great North Children’s Hospital.

Club president Jim Coulthard said: “Members have admired the tremendous work done by staff at the hospital with children suffering from cancer.

“A homely and cheerful environment is provided at the Great North Children’s Hospital.

“I visit at least once each week and the wonderful morale of the children and their parents is the first thing that strikes me every time I go in.”

Dr Kevin Windebank, from the fund, said: “Donations like this help to make a significant difference to the facilities, comfort and treats provided for the children who are cared for.

“We aim to provide every conceivable extra to make the children’s stay as pleasant as possible and to assist families at their time of severe stress.

“Thanks to the generosity of Rotarians we can also provide a constant supply of activity and entertainment items for our young patients that enhance their quality of life whilst they are in hospital.”

The Children’s Cancer Fund is used for a variety of purposes including funding children’s birthday and Christmas parties, art, craft, activity items, giving some financial help to bereaved parents to meet funeral costs and to pay for a lot of everyday important things that are not provided by the NHS.