Clubbercise to help disabled youngster

Daniel and mum Stacey with sister Bobbie and her friends from Norham.
Daniel and mum Stacey with sister Bobbie and her friends from Norham.

A fundraising clubbercise is taking place to support a visually impaired youngster.

Daniel McGregor is visually impaired while also unable to walk, talk or sit unaided due to cerebral palsy from birth.

He is support by the Out of Sight Charity and friends to raise money to help his family purchase equipment to make his life more comfortable when on respite care at his grandmother’s house.

Daniel’s younger sister Bobbie, who attends Norham High School in North Shields, has organised a clubbercise event on December 5 with the help of her PE teacher Mel Petherbridge and the Norham School Council.

Tickets are on sale at £10 each and the event will be held at the Deep Night Club, Whitley Bay, starting at 7pm to 9pm.

All proceeds will be donated to the My Daniel Trust.

Anyone interested in attending the event should contact Mel Petherbridge via

Clubbercise is a fun and funky exercise class, performed in a darkened room using illumination such as glowsticks, neon and UV face/body painting and disco lights.

It creates a party club atmosphere and its fun, but it also helps with self-esteem and body issues.

Mel said: “We are so excited to support this local family as Norham always tries to extend into the wider community to help wherever we can.”