COAST: Quality ‘shed’ is fit for purpose

Though the arguments concerning the work in progress along North Tyneside coastline are still going on, I might also go on a bit myself concerning the ‘garden shed’ object, which replaced the historic Boardwalk Cafe.

Garden sheds are often a refuge for a retired or out-of-work male accused of getting under the feet of the one doing all the work to keep the house going, such sheds becoming quite palatial.

On examination of the Cullercoats kiosk, two huts in fact, and now seeing the Whitley Bay version, I have to suggest that these have been selected with some care and knowledge and are by no means the mean huts described by the objectors.

The Whitley Bay site, in particular, allows striking views of the sea and sky within a reasonable paved area, which I understand will be improved in due course, and no doubt tables and chairs will appear also.

So it is possible to believe the kiosk is significantly better than the Boardwalk, where ‘historic’ construction reflected the use of now prohibited building materials more then any real history.

There is also a number of operators who found the Boardwalk didn’t have the drawing power it may have once had.

Therefore, I suggest we have a garden shed of some quality, fit for present purposes, with free access for pedestrians and quite good metal ‘balustrades’ allowing the sort of views people value.

AM Johnson