Coastal plan: Much work has already been done

The letters page (News Guardian, June 11), was very ‘coastal’ in comment, largely for Whitley Bay.

A variety of views expressed support, or otherwise for work done, about to be done, or planned. Even a small contribution by a young member of the Park View Project was relevant to the regeneration of Whitley Bay, with activities which will involve coastal areas.

The coast of North Tyneside, of course, goes from the north end of Whitley Bay on to Cullercoats and Tynemouth, and some of us include the Tyne estuary, up to and including the Fish Quay area, at least.

It is evident that some recently-built constructions, or work-in-progress, still remain a subject of adverse comment, reflecting on the present council and its associates, and no doubt previous administrations.

Without pretending to know too many aspects of coastal works, I do not see how the council can be accused of not doing much.

A huge amount of work has already been done, and I dare say individuals might believe some things could have been done better.

I might believe the road around the back of the Dome was not too appropriate, particularly at its cost.

I still do not believe the concrete repair of Cullercoats south pier will ‘weather’ in time, to look like the original stonework, but such marine works have to pass a number of check points, not least funds available.

The three letters supporting the general motives of the council seemed to me to be of much greater value than the larger New Beginning group’s effort.

I imagine the wind that sweeps the Plaza also sweeps the rest of the seafront, including the Lower Promenade. The sea will continue to erode the sandy cliffs up to the newly-constructed small section of sea wall.

Funds only become available a few million at a time, instead of the hundred million or so that could be spend just as a start.

Whereas it is evident that the New Beginning letter is based on a great deal of thought and research, I suggest that its theme does not accept that the council and others have also put in a great deal of effort to get where we are, and such effort continues.

The requirements of marine and all other UK environments must be met, also a matter of variable opinions.

AM Johnson

North Shields