Coastal plan: New council may be no different

There is a letter from ‘A New Beginning’ group (News Guardian, June 18) talking about proposals for a coast council, which I presume it hopes will help to save the prom from demolition.

One of the stated aims is to avoid the current “resort to party-political block voting”.

In the same issue, there is a letter from Coun Alison Austin, who says, “The Conservative group is urging (the mayor) to give the Prom a stay of execution.”

I assume that the ‘A New Beginning’ group will be rejecting the block support of the Conservative group?

Whilst I agree in principle with the idea that something ought to have been done with the units, rather than total demolition, I support the decisions of the democratically-elected council.

I would rather it did something than allow the place to decay further.

Regardless of the views of a local group, the fact is, local people voted the current councillors in, and any new coastal council will be voted in by the same people, from the same choice of candidates, from the same political parties.

It is unlikely that the coastal council will look or operate any differently from the existing North Tyneside Council, except it will be smaller.

It will still have the same ‘block voting’ on party lines, and will cause the same disagreements on future decisions.

All this upheaval for a little bit more on our council tax. No thanks.

David Hemsley

North Shields