‘Cold Calling Control Zones’ are required

IN response to the ever increasing issue of doorstep criminals, bogus callers and rogue traders, I believe in establishing ‘Cold Calling Control Zones’ throughout the borough with the help of various partners including neighbourhood policing teams, safer communities partnerships, housing associations and Neighbourhood Watch schemes.

The aim is to prevent incidents of doorstep crime and raise awareness of the activities of rogue traders, as well as giving residents the confidence to say ‘no’ to these people.

Although door-to-door canvassing is not illegal, Cold Calling Control Zones help to limit the number of rogue traders who try to make easy money from members of our community.

By being alert to what is happening in our neighbourhoods, and by taking notice of unfamiliar faces, we can help to stop our friends, families and neighbours from becoming prey to rogue traders.

There are simple steps we can follow to make sure we are safe.

This advice shouldn’t be ignored, as we should never become complacent about tricks that may be used to deceive us.

If you would like more information on Cold Calling Control Zones, do not hesitate to contact me on cullercoatsward@live.co.uk


Cullercoats Ward