Common sense should prevail

I WOULD like to express concerns to certain councillors as to how they actually decided to accept an amendment to the newly introduced parking scheme in Tynemouth village without actually consulting residents. Was this a political decision?

Common sense should always prevail, after all it was Coun John Harrison who when he was mayor who fully supported the residents regarding parking and was probably instrumental to its introduction.

The amendment is for additional dialogue to allow two-hour weekday parking between the hours of 9.30am and 4.30pm.

In the TM1/TM2 parking zones this is a ridiculous suggestion. How on earth would it be monitored – wardens patrolling all day, additional signage would be required or are they suggesting parking meters?

Why should the ratepayers of North Tyneside suffer its cost?

Can common sense prevail from all councillors at the next meeting?

Would it not be better to modify and improve the signage as Tynemouth Business Forum suggested?

Could we not give a 30 minutes free slot as in parts of North Shields and consult with both the King’s and Priory schools allowing all day parking at weekends and school holidays at a charge which would boost their incomes.

Residents voted overwhelmingly for the scheme and it is now time to put an end to this continuing debate and for councillors to vote with common sense.