Common sense should protect children and dogs on hot days

WHAT is it about the summer that brings out the worst in some people?

Common sense seems to fly out of the window along with the sun-screen and sun-shades as soon as we have a few hot days.

I love a good summer as much as the next person, but dread the sights I am forced to witness on hot days.

Some parents, who incidentally are well protected themselves from the dangerous sun’s rays with baseball caps, sunglasses etc, seem to forget that their vulnerable charges need protecting even more than they do from the scorching rays.

The worst sight so far, as far as I am concerned, are small babies in prams with no protection whatsoever who are so obviously burning, and any attempt to enlighten the person in charge of the unfortunate infant by concerned bystanders is usually met with anger, contempt and hostility from the feckless ‘carer’.

I imagine these poor infants later that night crying with sunburn, and those same irresponsible adults getting annoyed because they can’t sleep.

Also, despite the warnings and horror stories regarding dogs left in cars during baking hot weather, I still see poor animals in distressed states in cars outside of cafes, in car parks, alongside beaches and parks whilst the thoughtless owners are off without them.

Why take your dog to the beach then leave it in the car?

I have seen dogs in cars for more than an hour, and when I have waited to berate the owner, they seem to think because they have left the window slightly open then that’s okay.

It is not. It is like heating up an oven then opening the door a bit, it is still unbearably hot.

Walk your dog before you go out for the day. It is common sense.

It is high time a law was passed to stamp out this cruel practice and the culprits are fined heavily.

Personally, I would make these cruel owners sit in their car for more than an hour, window open, of course, and let us see if they think their actions are harmless then.

Five minutes in a hot car, even with the windows open, is unbearable.

So let’s try and engage some basic common sense where children and pets are concerned, and for pities sake put a stop to unnecessary suffering so everyone can enjoy the summer, especially vulnerable children and animals who rely on us to protect them from all dangers.


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