COMPANY: Scheme is not a charity

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I was surprised and disappointed to see Justice Prince CIC described as a ‘charity’ in a recent News Guardian article. It is no such thing.

In law a Community Interest Company (CIC) cannot be a charity, and a charity cannot be a CIC.

Charitable status brings with it very clear benefits and responsibilities. Amongst other things, unlike CICs, charities cannot pay their directors.

CICs cannot benefit from Gift Aid and are not bound by the strict regulatory guidelines regarding the reporting of their activities and finances that are incumbent on charities.

I’m sure this seems like pedantry, and no doubt the company’s work is positive, but in this age of public distrust in, and confusion about, charities, it is concerning to see a non-charitable entity passing itself off, inadvertently or otherwise, as something it is not.

Likewise, I was disappointed to see a major charitable funder, not to mention your August publication, do likewise.

I hope this clarifies things somewhat.

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