Complaining only making it worse

I do wish residents of Whitley Bay would stop criticising the Labour-run council.

Residents should know from harsh experience that Labour tolerates those living on the coast in order to take taxes for more favoured areas beyond the coastal region.

The latest example of this is to allow the grass along the dual carriageway next to the new housing being constructed at West Park in Monkseaton to grow uncontrolled so as to resemble an overgrown wilderness.

This act was implemented following local residents having the temerity to complain about the council’s decision to activate traffic lights installed near West Park even before the first of these new homes become inhabited.

The resultant unnecessary traffic congestion is clearly apparent to for all to see, however, criticism from coastal residents is tantamount to ‘waving a red rag to a bull’.

The overgrown central verge near West Park is evidence of the contempt for those living in Whitley Bay.

So please, let’s have no more complaints, after all, we’ve had enough coastal greenfield land sold off already and most residents probably wouldn’t appreciate a new landfill site developed within the boundaries of Churchill playing fields or a new traveller park (however, deserving these itinerants are) sited along the Links.

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