Concern and fears quickly eradicated

Not having spent time in hospital as an ‘in-patient’ for well over 30 years, it was with some apprehension that I entered North Tyneside General Hospital during August in order to undergo abdominal surgery.

I had heard the phrase ‘Mistake lane’ used in relation to the hospital, and other anecdotal tales of mishaps and errors made by staff members.

I was indeed somewhat concerned as regard the level of treatment I was about to receive. Any fears I had, however, were about to be swept away.

From the very beginning of the procedure to its satisfactory conclusion I was treated with the utmost respect and my welfare was put at the top of the agenda.

The level of care I received was faultless, and the nursing staff on the male surgical ward (Ward 6) can only be described as superb.

Rarely have I seen better team work. They are to be congratulated.

Let us stop knocking North Tyneside General Hospital. It is an omnipresent gem on our doorstep.

We can rest safe in the knowledge that should we become ill, we have a team of dedicated health care professionals ready to care for us.

Brian Thomas O’Neill

Whitley Bay