Concern with plan for road changes

Studying the proposed new layout for the Silverlink roundabout raises concerns in my mind from two aspects.

First, the proposed underpass arrangement to allow a smooth flow under the roundabout to the Tyne Tunnel. Did the traffic study show that this will cure the bottleneck at peak periods?

Will the problem not just be moved to the tunnel, where the traffic is slowed down, similar to the current traffic light control at the roundabout?

It is a huge amount of money to invest in the proposed underpass if it does not vastly improve the traffic flow.

Secondly, and I recall a similar viewpoint was made by a reader last year, the current A1058 is a three-lane road with slip roads leaving and joining the nearside lanes.

This will be reduced to two lanes in both directions during peak periods over the extensive construction period at the Silverlink roundabout and also on the A19.

The conveyance of the three lanes into two at peak periods will, in my opinion, especially at dark nights / mornings, increase the risk of accidents.

No doubt long term speed restrictions will be imposed which will frustrate the motorists on the A1058 and A19. This again could possibly increase the risk of accidents.

Let us hope that if the proposal goes ahead that it is successfully achieved to budget and council tax payers are not penalised. Also that the suggested benefits do materialise.

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