Concerns over the spread of stag and hen parties

WHILE on a night out in Tynemouth I was concerned to witness a couple of stag and hen parties drinking in Front Street.

While I have no objection to people going out on stag and hen parties and enjoying themselves, in my opinion they should be kept out of Tynemouth and should stick to Newcastle and South Parade in Whitley Bay, where there is plenty of choice.

Tynemouth is an up and coming area with a café/bar culture through the day and a wine bar/pub culture on an evening.

Families flood to Tynemouth through the day and the older, social culture takes over in the evening.

My question is, do we really want Tynemouth Front Street turning into South Parade in Whitley Bay?

My answer to this is no.

A vast percentage of people who drink in Tynemouth actually used to drink in Whitley Bay, but they got so sick and tired of all the alcohol-fuelled anti-social behaviour that they switched to Tynemouth for their nights out.

It is a friendly place with a good atmosphere, so let’s try and keep it that way.

This is how it all started in Whitley Bay, which is now one of the hot spots in the country for stag and hen parties to visit.

People actually comment to me about how sad they feel to see the once great Whitley Bay now turned into a rundown, shabby town where residents witness people being sick and urinating in their front gardens etc.

Some local residents actually leave the area on bank holiday weekends just to get away from all the mayhem.

This is the time when the council, plus the bars in Tynemouth, have to take a strong stance on this issue, and refuse entry to stag and hen parties.

I don’t know about the rest of your readers, but I want to have a nice and relaxing place to go to when I’m out with my friends.

And that place is Tynemouth.


North Shields