CONSERVATION: Take part rather than criticise

After some thought, I decided that a reply was in order to the letter about Tynemouth Conservation Area Management Strategy (TCAMS), (News Guardian, August 13).

Many people who were at the successful TCAMS meeting in July have told me how taken aback they are by the ferocity and lack of comprehension of the views expressed about TCAMS in the letter.

Here are a few facts:

Firstly, the previous meetings, with council officers present, were to determine the interest in forming a steering group to monitor how the TCAMS document could influence development initiatives and planning applications that would or would not ‘protect or enhance the Conservation Area’.

Now we have the possibility as the TCAMS group to make it work. As said last time, the taxi rank, traffic management and parking are three items the TCAMS group will be looking into in the next few months. We cannot promise the world in a few meetings, but we can make improvements one step at a time to build an even better village.

Secondly, an example of how useful the TCAMS document has been since its introduction last year is indeed Kings Priory Academy.

The application had originally included a glass and steel lift shaft on the outside of a Georgian listed building. This was totally unsuitable and a number of people who live in Tynemouth sought to have this replaced by an internal lift. The TCAMS document enabled representations to be made and the outside lift was dropped in favour of an internal one so that the rest of the application could go ahead.

No doubt the writer of that letter is a resident in Tynemouth and enjoying its popularity, but many of us wonder what his or her contribution has been towards keeping Tynemouth’s interests at heart, instead of just moaning and criticising. Perhaps they would like to make themselves known to the TCAMS group and take a part in enhancing our wonderful village.

Dr Joan Harvey