Conservative government has no excuses

Millions of people around the world would like the chance to choose their government peacefully.

Many millions here voted without a shot being fired and three party leaders walked the plank in the space of an hour.

I thank all those who voted for me but I will represent all my constituents, whoever they voted for or not.

Of course, I am sad Labour lost, if not across the north east.

We have some profound rethinking to do in choosing a new leadership team.

And we must also do our constitutional duty of holding the government to account.

The Commons is reforming its vital scrutiny committees and soon debates what the government has in store for us in its Queen’s Speech and then a budget which details how to finance it.

Many were angry that the Tories threatened £12bn of welfare cuts and tax cuts without giving any clue as to how that could be done.

Perhaps the Tories expected to be in coalition again and that their partners would whittle down their promises. But they have no excuses now.

The Opposition’s job is to scrutinise the government’s programme including huge issues such as how to keep Scotland in the union and how to keep the UK in the European Union. I aim to play my full part in these and bat for North Tyneside and the north east in particular.