CONSULTATION: Little chance to express opinion

On Monday, January 18, I received an email from North Tyneside Council’s engagement team inviting me to attend a public consultation meeting at Wallsend Customer Service Centre so that I could learn about the council’s budget plans and, perhaps, express an opinion.

However, the meeting was being held on Wednesday, January 20, at 6pm, very short notice and an inconvenient time for many residents, some of whom would have been just coming home from work and with teatime being prepared.

I responded to the email and asked if there were further similar meetings being planned in other areas of the borough. The reply was no, this was the only meeting to be held.

One can only assume that this Labour council wants to curtail the residents’ involvement to a minimum and claim to have “consulted” when the reality is that it continues to treat residents with contempt.

Frank Austin

Whitley Bay