CONTRIBUTIONS: Great minds can think alike at times

North Shields Fish Quay.
North Shields Fish Quay.

Recent letters have been very ‘coastal’ in content, (News Guardian, March 17).

Jean McLaughlin, of Tynemouth, felt, as councillor at the time, that the efforts of her and associates were the main force behind a safe crossing at Percy Park Road.

I know the ex-councillor, and indeed I am a supporter of Karen Lee-Duffy, another activist on the crossing. These two ladies have very formidable intellects, I have found, and suggest that ‘great minds think alike’, if even separately.

Isaac Newton invented the calculus in England, but totally separately, apparently Leibniz also invented the same mathematics at the same time.

The ‘name supplied’ letter dealt with beaches and green spaces being used (or abused) by dogs, children and their owners. There are regulations that try to deal with the interactions of people and animals in all areas where they come across each other.

I am aware that dogs do not read signs, and are not aware of the growing flowers on greens, etc, but neither are those persons on the other end of the lead particularly careful of the efforts of others to grow flowers, and pick up litter.

Christine Currie’s short contribution recognised that people were more important than dogs, however close dog owners are to their own pets.

The Stronger in Coast and Quay letter, by Tom Bailey, mentioned a campaign to involve residents in coastal matters, outside the “games being played by politicians”.

I can assure Mr Bailey that the volunteers I know, councillors, Mayor Redfearn and MP Alan Campbell, are well into coastal matters at this stage of our supposed recovery from the worse recession since the 1930s, described by Mr Bailey.

What can happen at our coast, or anywhere else for that matter, is dictated by central government and its encouragement of major investors from anywhere.

How far we are out of the last banking fiasco remains to be seen, and as an act of simple faith, rather than knowledge, I will be voting ‘in’ in due course.

Regarding the Quay element of this group, I have put some time in myself into voluntary activities at the Fish Quay and Royal Quays, and have never come across the Coast and Quay group.

I am sure Jean, Karen and myself would like to see its efforts prosper. Great minds again perhaps?

AM Johnson

North Shields