CORRECTION: Quoted comments were not mine

The anonymous letter writer last week quoted as part of a very negative approach what he or she thought was me at some length. (News Guardian, August 27).

How wrong they were. I never wrote or said any of those things. Not one.

Not only that, but they miss out a really important point about how local people can have an influence.

In relation to the exterior glass lift shaft at Kings Priory School, this was part of a bigger application for the school. Several local people, including myself, met with the architects (at their behest, as part of local consultation) and suggested that the lift should be inside the building, not external, since its effects on the exterior of a lovely Georgian building would be really awful.

As a result of that, and I presume planning advice, the two applications that included the outside glass lift shaft were both withdrawn and a third one, with the lift internally, was successful, with the approval of many, including myself.

Dr Joan Harvey