Council also agreed to four other pension fund guarantees

ALAN Furness is right to report his concerns about council spending (News Guardian, letters September 1) but he and your readers really should know the full facts about this issue.

The council at its meeting held on July 28 received a resolution from the Conservative cabinet member for finance, seconded by the leader of the Conservative group of councillors on the council, to provide a pension fund guarantee for Wallsend Hall Enterprises (previously known as the Wallsend People’s Centre).

After a lengthy debate in the council meeting the Labour members supported the Conservative resolution and, quite bizarrely, the Conservative members on the council, including the proposer and seconder of the resolution, voted against their own resolution put forward by Conservative members – the Liberal Democrats abstained.

For fullness, the council also agreed to provide pension fund guarantees, together with the other Tyne and Wear councils, to four organisations operating across the county, with deficits as at March 31, 2011, totalling £4.372m.

The potential liability for North Tyneside taxpayers, based on a population based apportionment, would be £779k.



North Tyneside Council