Council demolition plan a good move

I am writing to show my support the council’s plans to demolish the Boardwalk Cafe and express my dismay at yet another campaign to save an unattractive not very good building on the seafront.

In recent years it has been great to see a number of good shops and cafes open in the area, especially in Park View, and also progress being made on Spanish City and the compulsory purchases ready for demolition.

We make a real effort to support local shops, whether the pet shop or bakery, and whenever friends or family visit as tourists from outside the north east, we always take them to our favourite cafes in the town.

Unfortunately the seafront is a real let down. The views are great and the beach is fantastic, however, when showing visitors around I find myself defending and apologising for most of the seafront, including the Boardwalk.

What would be really a step forward, in my opinion, would be renovate the arches and the paving surface all the way along to fit in with the Spanish City Plaza and the new Watts Slope, modernise Rendezvous and make the whole seafront fit for visitors in the 21st century.

This can be done without destroying any heritage, as the Spanish City work shows.

This comes on the back of an equally bemusing petition to save the shelters.

Yes the ironwork is traditional and should be saved, but the rest of the shelters appear a mix of 1970s concrete and rotting chip board.

Why can’t the shelters be rebuilt with welcoming new materials and have the original ironworks restored (if they can be given the rust) and put back into the new structures?

I cannot imagine that a new lick of paint from the volunteers claiming to restore the shelters will do much to improve and modernise the seafront.

I love living in Whitley Bay and I long for the day the seafront becomes an attractive and vibrant place where people from around the UK want to visit.

Unfortunately, such petitions to halt progress will, in my opinion, result in half measures rather than a proper investment.

Name and address supplied