COUNCIL: Paying to fix problems?

For the second year running, our Labour council in North Tyneside has decided to burden the council taxpayer with one of the biggest rate rises in the country.

Thursday, 9th March 2017, 5:43 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 9:38 am

I suppose someone has to pay for the golden pension pots and six figure salaries. Remember the 24 per cent rise in expenses councillors awarded themselves?

I am sick of picking up the tab for council problems and seeming to get nothing in return.

The council will say it’s to look after the elderly, but is it not to put right the mess due to mass immigration and the pressure it’s putting on services like schools, hospitals, housing and jobs?

Plus there is the mess the council seems to be making of our roads by replacing roundabouts with traffic lights, creating gridlock, pollution and misery for motorists.

Why anybody votes Labour is beyond me.

Mr M Kendall