COUNCIL: A response when it suits

Some time ago I contacted North Tyneside Council regarding problems with zig-zag parking by parents on a school zebra crossing opposite my home that had caused some dangerous near misses.

Wednesday, 19th September 2018, 6:39 am

Around the same time I contacted a different department of the council regarding some anti-social noise problems that I was experiencing with some neighbours.

I was rather dismayed that I hadn’t received a reply to any of my concerns or complaints, or been contacted by the council.

Of course, I now realise that all wasn’t that bad as the council did contact me very promptly when I mistakenly underpaid my monthly council tax payment by £6.

So it can contact you when it is really important – funny that.

Changing the subject, now that the Spanish City Dome is complete, I would like to say what a fantastic job all the tradesmen involved in the project have done.

It seems the people who really did play a key role in making the project become a reality should not be overlooked. They have used their skill, determination and worked out in all weathers.

They have also played a very important part in making the Dome a major attraction in Whitley Bay again and allowing me to be proud to live in my home town. Well done, guys.

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