Council’s car parked where road markings are missing

A council vehicle is caught parking illegally in Monkseaton.
A council vehicle is caught parking illegally in Monkseaton.

A COUNCIL vehicle used to clampdown on illegal parking took advantage of missing road markings.

The North Tyneside Council CCTV enforcement vehicle was spotted by Monkseaton resident Charlie Steel parked where safety markings approaching a pedestrian crossing should be painted on the road.

The vehicle was parked for more than five minutes on the area for zig-zag markings in Cauldwell Lane, Monkseaton, on March 15.

Mr Steel said: “The car had fully encroached the confines of the pedestrian crossing.

“It would be impossible for the driver not to have realised this or known it was parked in such a position.”

A council spokesman said: “We’re grateful to Mr Steel for bringing this matter to our attention.

“It’s highlighted that our sub-contractor failed to repaint all the pedestrian crossing road markings after resurfacing work had finished.

“We’ve instructed the company to complete the scheme as a priority and as a result the markings will be fully reinstated by the end of this week.

“Although the lack of the road markings meant our driver was not strictly committing an offence, he is being reminded of the need to park with greater consideration for others.”