Council’s reasons ‘do not make sense’

I am appalled at the council’s plans to demolish the Boardwalk Café (News Guardian, August 14).

Is the council aware that there has been a café on the site since 1905, and although the present building doesn’t date from that time, it has been there at least 30 years that I know of?

Before the council begin demolishing a perfectly sound, newly decorated and attractive building, I would ask that they finish a large number of projects that are rather more urgent:

· Demolition of the Avenue pub, Whisky Bends and The High Point. I read that the work was scheduled for July 2014, obviously delayed;

· A ‘general tidying up’ of the area around the Spanish City Plaza. Surely it wouldn’t cost much to burn off the old road markings, repair the broken wall around the small ‘park’ and get rid of the weeds? The Plaza itself looks wonderful but is let down by the neglected areas around it;

· Repairs to the promenade beneath the High Point which was storm damaged last January.

It seems unseemly haste to start demolishing the Boardwalk while there has been no progress on any of the above.

Also the reasons given for the demolition do not make sense.

By carrying out this work, the council seek to ‘improve the views towards the lighthouse and provide a gateway along the promenade’.

When I last looked the Boardwalk Café was nestled into the hillside, and as the lighthouse is clearly visible from the Spanish City Plaza, this reason seems tenuous.

I would urge the council to reconsider, or at least to delay the work.

I do not have any political affiliation. I’m a long term Whitley Bay resident concerned at the decisions the council have been making recently which seem to have little regard to the views of locals.

Noreen Rees

Whitley Bay