Council staff face £150 bill for parking

A CASH-strapped council desperate to make savings is considering charging its staff £12.50 a month for parking.

North Tyneside Council workers face having to pay for spaces at the authority’s Cobalt Business Park in North Shields as their bosses look to make savings of £17m.

Introducing the parking charge would provide an estimated income of £82,000 a year for the council.

The council has suggested levying the £150-a-year charge through its salary sacrifice scheme to help minimise the impact on staff. The cost would be deducted from salaries each month prior to tax deductions, reducing the cost to staff.

A council spokesman said: “Since moving into our headquarters at Quadrant in 2008, parking has proved a challenging issue for us to resolve.

“Quadrant is not only a place of work for hundreds of employees but, as the civic centre, is a focus for visitors, which has resulted in a significant demand for car parking spaces.

“A submission made through our internal staff suggestion scheme said we needed to introduce a more transparent and consistent way of issuing staff car parking passes than what operates currently.

“That’s why we’re introducing a new point-based system, a scheme already successfully implemented by Northumbria Healthcare NHS Trust.

“A monthly charge of £12.50 for a pass is also proposed.

“This forms part of the council’s budget considerations and would provide an income to support the management of the parking.”